'Where simple lines are designed to create art'
Each design is personally hand-crafted on European White porcelain wares. All are hand-painted and are dishwasher and microwave safe!

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Bowl Large 3 Horse HeadBowl Large 3 Horse Head
Bowl Large Cat w/ MouseBowl Large Cat w/ Mouse
Bowl Large Dog w/ Ball/BoneBowl Large Dog w/ Ball/Bone
Bowl Large FetchBowl Large Fetch
Bowl Small 3 Horse HeadBowl Small 3 Horse Head
Bowl Small Cat w/ MouseBowl Small Cat w/ Mouse
Bowl Small Dog w/ Ball & BoneBowl Small Dog w/ Ball & Bone
Bowl Small FetchBowl Small Fetch
Mug Cat w/ MouseMug Cat w/ Mouse
Mug Dog w/ BoneMug Dog w/ Bone
Mug Double Horse HeadMug Double Horse Head
Mug Dressage HorseMug Dressage Horse
Mug FetchMug Fetch
Mug JumperMug Jumper
Mug Sit-StayMug Sit-Stay
Mug Wait For ItMug Wait For It
Mug WesternMug Western
Note Card pack-6-CatNote Card pack-6-Cat
Note Card pack-6-DogNote Card pack-6-Dog
Note Card pack-6-HorseNote Card pack-6-Horse
Plate Large 3 Horse HeadPlate Large 3 Horse Head
Plate Large Cat w/ MousePlate Large Cat w/ Mouse
Plate Large Dog w/ BallPlate Large Dog w/ Ball
Plate Large Sit-StayPlate Large Sit-Stay
Plate Small 3 Horse HeadPlate Small 3 Horse Head
Plate Small Cat w/ MousePlate Small Cat w/ Mouse
Plate Small Dog w/ BallPlate Small Dog w/ Ball
Plate Small Sit-StayPlate Small Sit-Stay
Z Light 3 Horse HeadZ Light 3 Horse Head
Z Light Cat & MouseZ Light Cat & Mouse
Z Light Dog with Bone&BallZ Light Dog with Bone&Ball
Z Light Sit-StayZ Light Sit-Stay

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